How it works

Auto-mobile: How it works?

For an overview of the steps or a printable reminder, Visit our dedicated page

› Charging the vehicle

The vehicles are charged periodically by a Communauto team in order to optimize their availability. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about charging the vehicle. However, if you wish to, you can charge the vehicle yourself (see Our vehicles)

IMPORTANT: You need to end your trip immediately and bring the vehicle back to the service area if the driving range indicated on the dashboard falls below 15 kilometres. Penalties apply if you release the vehicle with less than the driving range required to bring the vehicle back to a charging station. Find out more at Our vehicles.

› Fuelling a hybrid vehicle

Required gas level: ¼
Type of gas required: regular
Reimbursement: on your next Communauto bill

Here's how to obtain your reimbursement:

  1. Ask for the purchase receipt indicating the type of purchase and the place where it was made*
  2. Complete the trip coupon
  3. Place the white copy of the trip coupon and the receipt in one of the white envelopes and then place this envelope inside the red envelope and put it back in the glove compartment of the vehicle. (keep the yellow copy)

*IMPORTANT. A direct payment or credit card statement which doesn't mention the location or the nature of the purchase isn't a valid proof of purchase

"A time credit of 20 minutes will be applied for any trip of an hour or less billed at the Auto-mobile rate if it costs at least $20 (taxes included) to fill up the tank. In the case of a trip of less than 20 minutes, the maximum credit will be equivalent to the length of the trip."

› Snow removal policy in winter

During winter, a credit of up to 15 MINUTES is applied for snow removal.

This means that until the end of winter, you will only start paying for your trip when you start driving or 15 minutes after having accessed the vehicle with your OPUS card, whichever comes first. The goal of this new policy is to give you the most bang for your buck by only billing the actual time of use of the vehicle.

Snow shovels and brushes are present in every vehicle.

The snow removal credit will not apply if your trip is billed at your Communauto package’s basic rate (Communauto full subscription plans) as this offers extremely low hourly rates compared to Auto-mobile’s regular rates. Try our TRIP CALCULATOR to find out how much you could save by subscribing to Communauto’s complete offer.

See specific information concerning snow removal operations in Quebec City.

pdf Download the full version of the Rules and Regulations for the use of Auto-mobile vehicles ›