Our vehicles

No matter which vehicle you use, your OPUS card gives you access to it. Here are some specifications for each vehicle:

Electric Vehicle (Nissan LEAF)Hybrid Vehicle (Toyota Prius C)

No key is necessary to start these vehicles. All you need to do is push on the brake pedal and on the start button located to the right of the steering wheel (see video for more details). You don’t need to worry about charging the vehicle either. Our street team takes care of it for you.

IMPORTANT: You need to end your trip immediately and bring the vehicle back to the service area if the driving range indicated on the dashboard falls below 15 kilometres. Penalties apply if you release the vehicle with less than the driving range required to bring the vehicle back to a charging station.

New! You can now use the Circuit électrique charging stations to charge a vehicle!

Locate all charging stations available to you on our interactive map or our mobile application. You can use the Circuit électrique charging stations while on a trip or release a vehicle there if the charging station is in the zone. You will find a Circuit électrique card in the glove box, you must use this card to unlock the pod’s connector.

The 4 Communauto charging pods located at the St-Sacrement station, near Métro Mont-Royal, are reserved exclusively for our customers. To unlock these charging stations, please use the AddENERGIE RFID card in the vehicle’s glove box, rather than the Circuit électrique card. There are also fast charger Circuit électrique stations at this location, which you must not use (this charging station is excluded from the Circuit électrique network you have access to). The fast charger station fees (10$/hour) will be invoiced to clients who use them.

If you block a vehicle (giving you time to reach it) that is located at the St-Sacrement If you block a charging vehicle (giving you time to reach it), avoid choosing a vehicle that has been there for less than 3 hours in order to allow for the battery to charge. This information is available when using the RESERVauto web app (see “Previous use”). The charge indicated in RESERVauto is the charge recorded when the vehicle was connected to the charging pod. The elapsed time allows you to easily gage the actual charge: after 3 hours, the battery will have gained 50% of its capacity, and 100% after 7 hours.

100% electric vehicles, how do they work?

Do not pay attention to the information regarding charging unless you plan on using the St-Sacrement charging pods, near Métro Mont-Royal. Please note that in the case of Auto-mobile vehicles, it’s your OPUS card that locks and unlocks the doors.

You will find the vehicle key under the ignition (see photo). It is attached to a retractable cable. Do not forget to remove key from the ignition at the end of your trip.

IMPORTANT: The Prius hybrid automatically starts in electric mode. You will therefore hear nothing when you turn the key in the ignition. This is totally normal.

These vehicles use regular gas. Therefore, you may have to stop for gas from time to time. Regulations require that you release the vehicle with the gas tank at least half full. A time credit of 20 minutes will be applied for every trip of an hour or less billed at the Auto-mobile rate if it costs at least $ 20 (taxes included) to fill up the tank and the amount for regular gas will be reimbursed on your next Communauto bill. In the case of a trip of less than 20 minutes, the maximum credit will be equivalent to the length of the trip.

Find out how to claim your gas refund and learn more about conditions for obtaining the 20 minute credit by clicking here.