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Gaz and insurance included
$0.20/km fee after 100km

Auto-mobile Unlimited

With this new offer, enjoy unlimited Auto-mobile trips of 30 minutes or less for a whole month.

With just one click, select the Auto-mobile Unlimited Pass. No matter when you decide to take it, it is valid for a month from the selected starting date. You just need to select it in the "Personnal information" section of your account!

Renewable as needed, with no obligation.

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› 30 free minutes to get to the vehicle once it’s been blocked
› 20 free minutes when you stop for gas (see details)
› In winter, up to 15 free minutes for snow removal (see conditions)

Easy billing: once a month, Communauto will bill the trips from the previous month. If you are already a Communauto subscriber, the Auto-mobile trips will simply be added to your other transactions.