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Summer demand means book early!


Summer in Quebec has caused demand to explode. We are redoubling our efforts to respond.

With the arrival of sunny days, it’s not just the temperature that’s rising. Demand for vehicles is too.

The somewhat exceptional trend that began last year to travel within Quebec or to neighboring provinces is still being felt. More and more of us are choosing carsharing, and using Communauto for vacation travel.

This news makes us happy, and despite the situation, we are doing all we can to meet the needs as best as possible.

This is why we’ve improved our offer. You now have access to almost 500 additional vehicles across Canada, with nearly 300 of those in Quebec alone.

And, we’re looking forward over the next few weeks to receiving dozens of new vehicles that we ordered, but whose delivery has been delayed.

We are living in exceptional times, and there are situations we can’t control. This is the case with the shortage of electronic chips, which is forcing auto makers to extend delivery times.

So, what can you do to make your summer as enjoyable as possible?

A few tips

Weekends are obviously the most popular times. Beautiful trips in the “belle province” are also a great puzzle when it comes to reserving your car… For these reasons, remember to do it as soon as possible. The road belongs to those who book early.

If you are more a last-minute person, the practical “reservation grid” tool (available through your online account) can help you find an available vehicle. With a bit of flexibility, you can maybe adjust your selection to sneak in between two reservations. Learn more >

Are all the round-trip vehicles booked? Don’t worry, you can also opt for a FLEX vehicle instead. It’s a great alternative and less costly than you would think. Test your own scenarios with the Trip Calculator, and you will see that FLEX vehicles can really help you out!

Summer success

This summer, Communauto is more popular than ever. It’s not always easy to manage such a craze, but rest assured that our success will not go to our head. We are working each day to help make your vacation a success.

On the customer service side, we should also note that despite longer waiting time for information-type calls, we are prioritizing assistance calls to facilitate the use of vehicles.

Whatever happens, whatever you do, we hope you have a great summer.

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