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Good habits to keep in mind this summer 


We’re all in the same boat! Uhh no… the same car? In any case, the smooth running of the service depends on each and every one of us. So here are a few essential things to keep in mind:

  1. Be respectful of reservation times, as this has a direct impact on subsequent reservations. Remember that there is a $20 charge for delays of 30 minutes or less. Delays of more than 30 minutes incur a $40 charge. More info > 
  2. Respect parking rules to avoid hefty fines. Take the time to read the signs and remember:
    • It is forbidden to release a FLEX vehicle at a location where temporary restrictions apply, even if parking is permitted at the time you end your trip. Please be vigilant and consult the Quebec Parking Guide or the Montreal Parking Guide if needed.
    • Just like station zone vehicles, FLEX vehicles may not be parked where a street-cleaning parking ban is planned before the end of the next day (11:59pm).   
    • You may not leave a FLEX in a space reserved for a round-trip car, even temporarily.   
    • Similarly, round-trip vehicles must be returned to their designated station, while ensuring that you follow the info-station instructions.
    • Round-trip vehicles do not have a parking permit allowing them to be parked in residents-only zones, so you are not allowed to park them (even temporarily) in these areas.    
  3. Keep the cars clean, out of respect for the next passengers. We understand that summer is the perfect time for adventure and that exploring can leave its mark. If you didn’t know, we reimburse vehicle cleaning costs. So don’t hesitate to give your vehicle a freshening up before returning it! 
  4. Report via the app, if necessary. You can report new damage, a dirty vehicle, or one left with low fuel directly in the app. If you’re using our new app, go to your current or completed trips. If you’re still using our old version, go to the main menu and select “Reporting (damage, cleanliness, etc.)”.
  5. Use the credit card provided to refuel. The cards are valid at most gas stations in Canada, not just Shell. If you’re taking a Communauto to the U.S., bring your own means of payment and submit your receipts for reimbursement. Learn more >
  6. Cancel your reservation if you need to – it’ll make others happy. If your plans change, you can cancel your reservation free of charge up to 2 hours in advance, and even up to 9am on the day of your departure. If you cancel less than 2 hours in advance, you’ll be charged 50% of your reservation time. Learn more >

Don’t forget that you have several tools at your disposal to find answers to your questions: our help centre covers most of your questions, our contact form and, of course, in the event of an emergency with a vehicle, you can reach us by telephone 24/7. 

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