Electric Auto-mobile arrives downtown!

You now have access to on-street parking spots in the downtown area.

Véhicule Auto-mobile

Block your Electric Auto-mobile

Locate an electric Auto-mobile vehicle and block it from your smartphone or computer.

Locate the drop-off point

In which you want to park and release your electric car once at your destination. The clickable icon tells you how many places are available in real time and where they are located. Note that these spaces can not be booked in advance.

icon parking véhicules électriques

Parking bans

Temporary stops are not allowed in Auto-mobile drop-off points. You must "release" your Auto-mobile when you park there.

icon parking véhicules électriques

405 Locations

Locate the parking signs "405 sector". They delimit the beginning and the end of the reserved zone of each of the drop points. If all locations are occupied, you will need to go to another drop location.

vignete 405

Release the vehicle

You must release your electric Auto-mobile. Temporary stops are not allowed in the exclusive spaces for electric vehicles.

Stationement 405

Share your experience with us

This initiative is the subject of a pilot project in partnership with the City of Montréal. We invite you to share your experience using our form. Above all, let us know if any offending vehicles are parked on our sites by composing 1 877 942-4545. This information will help us to present an experience report to the City and work together to find a solution.