Eligibility criteria

Am I eligible?
Is there any way to subscribe if I’m under 19 years old?
What can I do if I don’t have a Quebec driver’s licence?
If I have an international driver’s licence, am I exempt from having to obtain a Quebec licence?
Is it possible to join Communauto with only a probationary licence?

Subscription follow-ups

What if I lost or forgot my password?

Subscription and rates

Is it necessary to have a credit card in order to use your services?
Do I have to pay the $500 membership fee to subscribe?
How can I figure out which plan is right for me?
How can I pay my bill?
How often am I billed?
How to pay for purchases during a trip?

Authorized drivers

Will my partner be allowed to drive the vehicle?
Can someone else drive the vehicle instead of me?
Can I lend a vehicle?


Is it necessary to have personal car insurance in order to use Communauto’s vehicles?
What is the deductible in case of an accident?
How to buy or renew a Deductible option during a membership without waiting for the scheduled renewal date?
What does Communauto’s insurance policy cover?
What should I do in case of an accident?

Vehicle types and available equipment

What makes and models are available at Communauto?
Can we smoke in the vehicles?
Are your vehicles equipped with winter tires?
Do your cars have automatic or standard transmission?
Do you provide accessories such as baby car seats, bike racks, snow brushes, etc?

How it works / Using a vehicle

How do I access a vehicle and disarm the anti-theft device?
Who fuels the car?
How can I get an expense reimbursed?
What should I do if I have a flat tire during my trip?
What do I need to know about using a vehicle in winter?
What are the particularities of Leaf and Prius V vehicles?
How to use the credit cards available in the cars?

Specific questions regarding the use of “Communauto vehicles available WITH reservation”

To reserve a car

Access the cars


Ending your trip

Specific questions for FLEX (formerly Auto-mobile) vehicles available WITHOUT reservation

Access the cars



Ending your trip

Billing and credits


Electric vehicles

How do 100% electric vehicles work?
What is the range on electric vehicles?
Who charges the electric vehicles?
What do I do if the electric vehicle’s battery runs out during my trip?
At the end of my trip, can I release a FLEX vehicle at a Communauto station equipped with a charging pod?

Violations and tolls

What should I do if I get a ticket during my trip?
What happens if the vehicle I had parked is towed?
Can I drive on an electronic toll bridge with a Communauto vehicle?

Using Communauto elsewhere in the world

How to use Communauto in Paris?
How to use CarShare Atlantic in Halifax?
How to use VRTUCAR in Ontario?
How to use Communauto FLEX in Toronto?