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Electric vehicles: charging instructions


Our Kia Niro’s, with a range of over 400km, are extremely popular. They have traveled the far reaches of Ontario, Gaspésie, Iles-de-la-Madeleine, and even the Maritime provinces!

More electric vehicles will be added to the fleet, but for now, to make sure they continue to run well, a few guidelines are in order.

An electric motor isn’t like a thermal motor. The batteries are delicate, and charging can be unnecessarily expensive.

Level 3 station: Less is more

  1. Do not leave the car charging for more than an hour at a fast-charge station. It prematurely wears down the battery and additional gains are much slower and unnecessarily expensive (cost per hour will double after a 90% charge).

Level 2 station: Don’t spend all day

  1. Recharge the battery according to the residual charge. You wouldn’t put 60 litres of gas in a 40-litre tank! If, for example, the battery is at 50%, 7 hours of charging is more than enough.
  2. Do not leave the car for more than 13 hours on a level 2 station.

A team in charge of…recharging

  1. Never end your trip by leaving the vehicle charging at a public charging station. Let our team take care of that.

The use of Electric Circuit stations is not free. Let’s use them smartly! Fees will be added in the event of improper use.

Here’s a short video to help you out during your first charge:

Now you’re aware of the little things to take into consideration, to ensure our electric cars stay in good shape so you can continue to use them at a good price!

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