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Forest rescue: What if my cell phone doesn’t work?

With the scenery being so breathtaking in the fall, it’s hard to resist taking a stroll through the woods! If you go deep into the woods however, things can become a little more risky if you are out of cell phone range.

Before venturing out, you should make sure you have another means of communication in the event of an emergency. Here are three alternative options taken from the La Capitale blog.

1. The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger is a versatile tool

If you want to be located when you get lost, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs, like in children’s tales, won’t come in handy! A GPS SPOT Satellite Messenger device offers several options: You can communicate your exact location, ask for help or, if necessary, press an SOS button connected directly to 911.

Rates for these devices vary based on the services you opt for.

2. Satellite telephones: Affordable and reliable

Satellite phones, once oversized and overpriced, have been completely reinvented. You should therefore look for one that is light and reasonably priced. You don’t even have to buy it – you can simply rent one whenever it is needed.

Equipped with this device, which is linked to a satellite network, you can transmit your location no matter where you are!

3. The Airmedic air ambulance service

You can count on your loved ones in most situations, but can they rescue you from a dangerous situation in an isolated area? In Quebec, Airmedic is the only company to offer year-round emergency medical transportation by helicopter. This air “ambulance” can rescue you if you find yourself in a sticky situation out in the middle of nowhere.

To use this service, sign up for Airmedic; please note that La Capitale clients receive this coverage at a reduced rate.

Staying in touch can sometimes mean staying alive! Enjoy the fall and the outdoors in safety! Happy trails!

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