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EV’s in Ottawa

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In partnership with EnviroCentre and the EV Experience, we are adding 5 fully electric vehicles to the Ottawa fleet.

Here’s everything you need to know to enjoy these new cars which are available now!

5 Kia Niro’s in 5 stations

The 100% electric Kia Niro has a range of around 400km and room for all your stuff. It’s the ideal model for all your family outings! The new cars can be booked at these stations:

  • #70 – 45 O’Conner St @ World Exchange Plaza – P1
  • #132 –150 Elgin St @ – P1 Gloucester St – EV on P1
  • #9 – 357 Waverley St – InTempo Design Studio
  • #133 – 303 First Ave
  • #134 – 7 Bayview Yards EV parking

Accessing and charging

You can book a Kia Niro like any other car. All the EV stations are equipped with a charging station, and you should find your car plugged in when you arrive. In order to guarantee a minimum range at the start of your trips, a 3-hour buffer will be added after every reservation. Since the vehicles will often not use up all of their charge during a trip, the minimum charge when you pick up your car should be around 25-30%, which represents a range of around 150 km. That’s plenty for most trips, and should give you time to recharge if you need to go further!

Of course, it will be very important (and it’s mandatory) to plug the Niro back in when you return to the station at the end of your trip. This ensures the next user will also be able to enjoy the open road!

Charging is easy:

  • You will find an Electric Circuit charging card in the glove box (instead of the gas card).
  • The charging port is at the front of the Niro.
  • Swipe the card on the charging station reader and then simply follow the steps provided.

Discover all the Kia Rio features here >

We’re so happy to be able to bring you these new cars, in collaboration with EnviroCentre!

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