Combination lock boxes in Communauto stations

If you make a reservation at one of the indoor stations equipped with a lock box, there are many important points to keep in mind.

The clear button

You must slide this button down between each attempt if you make a mistake when composing the code! Failing to do this, even if you enter the correct code the next time, you will not be able to open the box.

Is the lock box closed properly?

Make sure nothing is blocking the door when closing the box. If a key or other accessory is not placed correctly, the following user may not be able to open the box… Think about the next person!

Where do I find the code?

If the station where you booked a vehicle is equipped with a lock box with a combination, here is where to find the 4-digit code:

  • In the description of your selection (when creating a reservation)
  • In your list of current or upcoming reservations
  • In the reservation confirmation email (if you selected the option to receive these)

The 4-digit codes are different from one lock box to the other. Once you have the car key and/or the parking lot access device, you can access the car as usual. Watch for the note: Parking station lock box code: XXXX. If the lock box has not been replaced, a note will not be displayed. You must also have the newest version of the app to see these notes.

The new combination lock box, clear button in the centre
The lock box with its protective cover
The older lock box model without a door

Lock boxes without doors

To avoid any confusion between the old lock boxes and the new ones, we have removed the doors of the older models while waiting to uninstall them. So, don’t worry if you see a lock box without a door!

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