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Fourth national research survey confirms contribution of carsharing in France


Communauto’s contribution to a less carbon-intensive and more affordable mobility

“The National Carsharing Survey highlights the «multimodality trigger» effect of [round-trip] carsharing, leading to changes in mobility behaviors at the individual level.” Ademe, September 22, 2022 1

Communauto members in France were successively interviewed in 2012, 2016, 2019 and 2022 during the National Carsharing Survey conducted by research firm 6t in partnership with the French agency Ademe. The consistency of the results is remarkable; they confirm the impact of Communauto carsharing for more sustainable and affordable mobility. The latest survey estimates that each Communauto vehicle reduces kilometers driven between 10,000km-19,000km per car, per year, and increases public transport usage and cycling by +18% and +22%. To face the climate crisis, carsharing offers a solution that is both good for the environment and your wallet!

The National Carsharing Survey – 2022 Edition

Beginning in 2022, 1,813 car-sharing users in France including 312 Communauto members responded to the survey from 6t and Ademe. According to the authors, “the study highlights the ‘multimodality trigger’ effect of [round-trip] carsharing, leading to changes in mobility behavior at the individual level. Since joining a carsharing service, round-trip carshare members use more urban public transport (+18% days of use per month), more interurban public transport such as trains (+28%), as well as cycling (+22 %) and walking (+38%).

By responding to demand for routine, occasional need for a car, carsharing complements public transport, cycling and walking to enable unrestricted mobility without having to own a car: 69.5% of round-trip carshare members gave up at least one car since joining a carsharing service, and 73.8% of members do not own a car. 6t estimates that each carshare car replaces 5- 8 personal vehicules.

Carsharing, a good solution for the climate and your wallet

Transportation accounts for 31% of CO2 emissions in France, 54% of which are due to personal vehicules. By choosing cycling, walking and public transport over driving, carshare members drive between 10,000-19,000 fewer kilometers per shared vehicule. Communauto’s commitment to a CO2-efficient fleet further improves this impact: in France, 75% of Communauto’s fleet is hybrid, with its first electric cars also coming soon. Thus, each Communauto car represents a savings of several tons of CO2 per year!

Carsharing also responds to the issue of purchasing power. Economic motivation is mentioned by more than 80% of carshare members in the 2019 survey, while the survey conducted in 2022 estimates that 8.7% of members cannot afford to own a vehicle.

For more information:

Enquête Nationale sur l’Autopartage – Edition 2022 : https://librairie.ademe.fr/mobilite-et-transport/5804-enquete-autopartage-2022.html

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