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4 economic activities to do this fall to discover Québec


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You have one day to escape the city? Here are our suggestions.

Relax in a spa There is nothing better than discovering Quebec while being in a state of pure relaxation. Only a few hours from Montreal, the Spa Ofuro allows you to escape your daily routine. Thermal cycle, massages and more! Located in the Laurentians, you can enjoy a quick getaway or even sleep there if you wish! And while you’re there, why not stop and have a good meal at Mad Grill in Mont-Tremblant?
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Take a hike to the Massif du Sud Hiking, mountain biking, forest accommodation, geocaching, skiing and more! The Massif du Sud, just 1 hour from Quebec City, will make you discover the highest ski area east of the Rockies. This fall escape to the forest with 71 kilometers of hiking. Several levels of difficulty are offered, and the breathtaking views are sure to satisfy you. Drive to Île d’Orléans Just 15 minutes from Quebec City, this island is worth visiting! It is part of the history of Quebec, since it is considered the cradle of New France. The view is simply beautiful; we recommend you visit by car and you can even sleep there if your wish. Afterwards, you can stop for a small meal: we recommend the Marie Beaupré located in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré.
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Discover the Sainte-Anne Canyon This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful attractions in the Quebec City area. The Sainte-Anne Falls (higher than Niagara!) is an attraction not to be missed. In addition, discover the unique attraction in Canada: the Air Canyon. Cross the forest at 50 km/h to find yourself 90 meters above the chasm. Otherwise, there are always the three suspension bridges for the less adventurous!
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