Bring me there and save money

Véhicule Auto-Mobile

30 minutes free

Help us optimize the distribution of our vehicles within the service area and save money doing so!

The billable portion of your trip will only begin on the 31th minute.

How does it work?

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Very simple!

  1. Select a car displaying this pictogram.

  2. Use it to get where you need and release it in an "Intensive Use Area" identified on the map.

    If you are entitled to it, the credit will automatically be applied on your trip (See conditions) and will be recorded in your reservation’s history.

Intensive Use Area

Identified on our mobile and web apps.

For now, only one Intensive Use Area has been designated. It is located south of the Métropolitaine Highway, between St-Laurent and St-Michel Boulevards. South of Rosemont Boulevard, the limits extend to Parc Avenue and Viau Street.


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  1. The relocation credit constitutes a postponement of the first 30 billable minutes of a trip. Therefore, you are still eligible for all of the other credits usually offered when using Auto-mobile: blocking the vehicle for up to 30 minutes so you can get to it, up to 15 minutes minutes of snow removal credit in the winter, 20 minutes credit for purchasing gas.

  2. The credit is only granted if a vehicle identified by the promotion’s label is selected and under the condition that the trip ends in an Intensive Use Area

  3. The relocation credit can not be combined to the 30 minutes credit to which an Auto-mobile Unlimited pass holder is usually entitled. Either one or the other applies to a same trip. (One can not be added to the other).